1 Truck Assist have successfully developed a complete range of incident management products and solutions, using state of the art software technology. These services help with Risk Management, reduce the cost of claims, improve reporting and reduce wasted time delays.


  • Incident Risk Management.
  • Mobilisation of Essential Services.
  • 24 hour operational centre.
  • Hour for hour on scene documenting.
  • Driver history and profiling.
  • Voice logging.
  • Documenting of all processes and instructions.
  • Route planning.
  • Cost assessment of supplier invoices.
  • Local and cross border networks of service providers and agents. Note: data charges for cross boarder communication are for insured’s account.
  • Professionally trained staff and operators.
  • Security Placement
  • Recovery and towing of trucks and cargo.
  • Mechanical and auto-electrical enroute repairs, supply and delivery of tyres, batteries, spares and voice logging system.

Reconstruction Service

  • Accident and/or accident scene investigation.
  • Accident reconstruction.
  • Photographic data statements and all relevant documentation.
  • Roadworthiness checks on vehicles and/or driver capabilities.
  • Total reconstruction of incident site.
  • Documenting of facts (case file).
  • Accident and Hijack Management.
  • Immediate mobilisation of essential services to the incident location upon notification.
  • Excellent reaction time.
  • Operators ensure our clients maintain control, by monitoring, managing and advising them of all procedures at the incident scene.
  • Load recovery and reloading.
  • Incident Process Report including photographs, quotes and invoices.
  • Initiation of electronic search advices such as “wanted notifications” to national service network for response.
  • Hot spot avoidance advices.
  • National and cross border network of services.

The Benefits

  • Immediate response to incidents.
  • Reducing cost and risk on incident claims.
  • Minimal time lost initiating response to scene.
  • Accurate reporting of incident.
  • Case file with photographs.
  • Documents and voice recordings.
  • Controlled environment.
  • Pre-approved service providers.
  • Access to service providers 24 hours a day.
  • Reduces downtime.