In a panic situation, you never want to be alone! Intelligent Panic provides you and your loved ones with 24 hour access to your own experienced crisis manager – who will help you through your emergency.

You never have to remember an emergency number again!

Intelligent Panic is a breakthrough in emergency support – you will never have to remember another emergency number again. Intelligent Panic has access to every emergency service you may need, as well as access to your own security company, medical information and other useful contacts.

You will never be alone in an emergency! The Intelligent Panic service provides you with your very own crisis manager. When you are in an emergency – We take charge!

Your crisis manager will call you back on your cell phone and help you through your crisis – whatever that may be. Do you need emergency medical advice over the phone, do you need to find a doctor or an ambulance fast, have you been involved in an accident – or are you lost and feeling vulnerable? Intelligent Panic is there for you.

Access every emergency support service out there from one button on your cell phone.

To have access to Intelligent Panic, you need to register and then choose one number on your cell phone that acts as your panic button. In an emergency, just press that one number – and we take charge of the rest. Your crisis manager will call you back and access the most appropriate support that you need. Your crisis manager will be in telephone contact until your crisis situation is resolved.

Intelligent Panic is a facility on Your cell phone which, by holding one pre-selected number for 3 seconds, will send a panic message to the Intelligent Panic call centre. Once activated, a call centre operator calls back immediately and attends to Your particular emergency.

To activate the Intelligent Panic service:

  • The driver’s cellphone number must be correct and provided to Us
  • We will send this number to Our Call Centre who will send an SMS to all drivers loaded on the Personal Solution policy
  • Our Call Centre will then load the driver onto their database and send the driver the following text message

You must save *120*7257# and assign it to a speed dial number.

After activation, when You press the allocated speed dial number, a message will appear on Your phone reading…

We suggest you save our call centre number on your phone under ICE (in case of emergency) 0861 000 286

If You encounter the following problems

The above message will appear if we do not have the correct number of the driver registered on our database.

Please speak to your broker to ensure that he has provided us with the correct details

The Message above will appear if you have loaded the number incorrectly. You have to save the intelligent panic number correctly *120*880*725568#

If you have any queries please contact 1 Assist on 0861 000 286 or your broker.

Please ensure that your broker has the correct cellphone numbers in order to register all drivers of insured vehicles.