Phone 0861 000 286 for replacement

Should you utilize our service providers the excess will be waived or reduced

All geyser claims must be reported to us by phoning our 24/7 call centre (0861 000 286). We will arrange that the most appropriate service providers be appointed for the replacement of the geyser and the repair of the resultant damage. We DO NOT require a completed claim for or quotes for the replacement of the geyser or for the repair of any resultant damages. The insured is saved the hassle of running around for quotes. By lodging the claim in this manner, we can ensure that:
  • A qualified plumber is appointed
  • Installation or repair is done according to the applicable installation standards
  • Quality products are utilized
  • The manufacturer’s warrantee will be honoured
  • Negotiated pricing
  • A qualified repairer is appointed to attend to the resultant damage
If the call centre is not contacted to arrange the fitment of the geyser, we require that the following documents and information be submitted to
  • A detailed invoice setting out the work done
    • Information of old (failed) geyser (make, model and serial number)
    • Information of new geyser (make, model and serial number)
    • Cost of parts, labour and any other costs (detailed)
Refunds will be done strictly in accordance with the policy terms and conditions, including policy limits and you may not be refunded the full invoice amount. Excess will also apply.