Camera systems are installed on trucks to aid risk management and control.

Sentry Unit Functionality

  • Dual Camera Functionality (Interior and exterior), expandable to 4 cameras as optional extra.
  • Clients can get access to video footage through our management portal.
  • GPS Live Tracking.
  • Crash Alert.
  • Geo-fence alerts (set locations can be configured by client).
  • Low battery notification.
  • Should the power supply be cut, a tamper notification (alert) will be sent via sms to a nominated number and a pop up notification will be sent to our operational center via the web.
  • Device can be configured remotely and setting can be changed remotely.
  • Devices linked to our 24 hour ops center with immediate access to national service provider footprint.
  • Ops center can “Lock & Load” truck/trailer combination, this enables the ops center to watch the device from point A to B without interruption.
  • System can be tracked via gps/gms cross border.
  • All processes are fully automated.

Management Portal Functionality

  • Client Management Portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Client Management Portal can be customized to suit needs and requirements.
  • Web Access to view and track all vehicles as well as access to edit notifications and reports.
  • Customizable and Printable reports via PDF, email or web.
  • Customizable Graphs via PDF, email or web.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Don’t drive notifications.
  • Border warnings.
  • Hot Zone warnings.
  • No Go Zone warnings.
  • Trip reporting and history.
  • Software backup and servicing.

Risk Management Services

  • Movement and Stop reporting.
  • Speed violations warnings and notifications.
  • Forensic Video Footage Investigations.
  • Driving Events.
  • Driver history and profiling.
  • Driver risk profiling.
  • Fatigue warnings.
  • Trip reporting and history.
  • And more.